Travis Designs Ltd visit the studio for their 3rd shoot

“This is our 3rd visit. The machines are so easy to use and the photography quality is excellent, we will definitely be back again soon!”

Travis Designs Ltd blog image

This week in the UShoot Studio, Travis Designed Ltd came in for their 3rd shoot. Now completely trained on the StyleShoot machines, it took only one session for them to complete three full suitcases of children’s costumes.

Travis Designs have been established since 1960 and is now owned by a second generation of family. As a well-established wholesale trader of children’s costumes, they concentrate on making sure they produce a high quality of garment for their retailers to then sell on.

There are a few different branches of Travis Designs Ltd, including their in house brand, Dress Up By Design that is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. They also create a wide range of licensed character collections, which includes Disney baby and Sophie La Giraffe.

During their shoot Travis Designs made the most of both our vertical and horizontal machines. The horizontal machine worked really well for them as they could take photos of the costume accessories laid out together. When Travis Designs came into the studio for their tour they observed that for their shoot to be really successful they could bring in their own mannequins which also adds a level of consistency within their website. They have a specific type of mannequin that they like to use to best capture the shapes of their designs.

With it being their 3rd visit to the studio they were very competent with the machines and application and used their time to its full potential by using a full team of people. They had another successful shoot and booked another session on their way out.