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How to get Product Photography to Beat your Competitors

How has product photography changed?

Product photography has changed because how it is used has changed. Back in the day, almost all purchases were made in store, with a few from catalogue, mail-order or over the phone. However, with the advancement of technology online shopping has exploded and consumers are now buying more things online than all the previously mentioned methods combined. Continue Reading..


Art for Arts sake… Tag Fine Arts shoot at Ushoot

Over the past few months we have seen an influx of art hit our Styleshoot Horizontal machine.

The lovely people from TAG Fine Art have found in us a resource they didn’t know existed. TAG are situated in The Business Design Centre and have an incredible array of artists on their books with some truly inspirational works and its been a pleasure to shoot perfect digital records of some great pieces…


What is glorious about shooting art in the studio is… well frankly everything. Its unbelievably quick and therefore so much cheaper than any other option in terms of a perfect digital record of the work. One can shoot pieces up to 1.5 metres in length and 1.2 metres in width and because of the quality of the camera and sophistication of the machines the results are quite frankly amazing.


We want more art in the studio – its as simple as that! Bring it in, shoot and leave minutes later with great images…