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Absolutely Mesmerising Light Painting

What is it?

Otherwise known as long exposure photography, light painting is a pet passion of ours in the studio.

A ‘light painting’ is created by the movement of a light or lights, using a slow camera shutter speed. This type of photography requires a long exposure (typically from one second to ten seconds), it is usually done at night or in an unlighted room. The smallest margins can, like a small amount of outside light, dramatically impact the final image, which makes it a difficult technique to get right.

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Looking Fantastic with The Healthy Skincare Company

A while back we shot their newest range of cosmetic products for the Healthy Skin Care Company!


The Healthy Skin Care Company produce a wide range of cosmetics for the Mesauda Milano, a brilliant, high quality, Italian company. From concealers, to lipsticks, to nail varnish.

This was an interesting shoot as the products display such a glorious range of colours, and it is incredible how well the machines were able to rise to the challenge and capture the vibrancy of those colours. Obviously most of what we shoot is fashion related but the versatility of the machines is amazing. This shoot really showcased that versatility.

The Healthy Skin Care Company have a wide range of products from, concealers to mascara.

This provided it’s own unique set of problems to shoot as each item required a slightly different method to get the best result. Along with this the clear plastics and glass sections on the products played all kinds of havoc with the lighting.

However, we were quick to overcome these issues when Carine, our in studio expert took control. Using both the horizontal machine and the vertical we got a range of different shots which we feel accurately reflect the wide range of cosmetic products The Healthy Skin Care Company produce.