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Absolutely Mesmerising Light Painting

What is it?

Otherwise known as long exposure photography, light painting is a pet passion of ours in the studio.

A ‘light painting’ is created by the movement of a light or lights, using a slow camera shutter speed. This type of photography requires a long exposure (typically from one second to ten seconds), it is usually done at night or in an unlighted room. The smallest margins can, like a small amount of outside light, dramatically impact the final image, which makes it a difficult technique to get right.

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Shooting fire with Wick & Tallow.

We recently had a great company called Wick & Tallow in the studio. Sumptuous candles in glorious packaging was an enjoyable challenge for us to shoot.


Shooting reflective surfaces is fast become an area of some expertise for us here but shooting fire was somewhat new to all. During the shoot we used every manner of diffuser and lighting source we have to cut down reflection and deliver the best representation of product possible. It was fun and more importantly extremely successful


Finding ways of both smoothing out the shine on the packaging and in the meantime be able to show details as the wick and flame was something that brought together all of our combined skills.


Great fun, great product and keen to see you back soon