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Client Snapshot – Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

Over the last 20 years Muddy Puddles has developed a range of products that are perfect for children.

Based on four principles, their clothes are designed for children to wear outdoors.

  1. Technical performance

This means their clothes have to reach their demanding standards. Waterproof, durable, breathable. They are clothes designed to be ready for anything.

  1. Bright, bold and fun

The clothes are designed unisex, and with kids in minds. Children should love wearing these clothes!

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It’s all about the Kids

It’s all about the Kids

We get a lot of childrenswear clothes and brands in the studio. Jakss for example have been a long term client of ours for years, routinely sending in large batches of clothing. Sending in collections of high-end childrenswear from brands such as Versace.

Recently we have been inundated with some really awesome baby and kids wear. Here are just a few of the childrenswear brands we have had in:

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New Clients with New Collections get us Giddy

We love meeting new people and discovering new brands. And whilst we perhaps don’t readily admit it, with the endless curiosity of children, we get quite excited when new brands come through the doors.

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting then. We’ve had a couple of new companies choose us as ther studio.

Here are two awesome new clients we have had in:

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Mini-la-Mode: Oh Baby

Mini-la-Mode was founded by Fee Drummond whose career in fashion, design and handmade collections spans over a decade. While pregnant with her son and setting up her nursery, she noticed that high quality handmade baby clothes and bedding with nostalgia of traditional English style were not easy to find.

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Olivier Baby

Olivier Baby was set up in 2011 by Emma Davison, who was shortly after joined by her sister, Alice Smith. Emma is herself a passionate knitter and as a team they design and create all the samples themselves. These samples are then put through the most rigorous quality tests by their children.

They aim to reflect the fun and laughter of their own childhoods in their deigns, instilling a distinct sense of nostalgia in many of their designs. Their shapes and lines are classic, and paired with refreshing and comforting colours. Stylish traditional, timeless designs instilled with that element of fun that is so quintessential of childhood. Whether it’s a star on the elbows or a heart on the bottom there is a little something on each item to make you smile. Importantly, all their clothes are hard wearing, soft and comfortable. So the kids look great and feel great, nothing to stop them from having fun.

Find them at Olivier Baby


Oh… my! Kidswear

Oh… my! Kidswear is a new fashion label created by Johnathon Swead and Anna Davies. The idea was to create a ‘quintessentially British brand with an eccentric twist.’ They combine simple lines with fabulous, eye-catching design details. Those striking designs on high-quality fabric make their clothing unique.

Bright colours and bold patterns. To capture this in their photography and infuse life into their product requires intense attention to detail and excellent lighting. With our machines these challenges are simplified a great deal making the shooting process smoother, more efficient and more effective.

We absolutely love this pairing of the simplicity of the cut with the complexity of design and print that makes these stand out.

Check out there website HERE


Angel’s Face – tutu cute

Angel’s Face was founded in 2007 by Keely Deininger. Keely comes from a design background and has worked in the industry for many years for brands such as H&M and Topshop. However, she really wanted to start her own business, to have autonomy and complete design freedom. Angel’s Face allowed her to do this, whilst watching her kids grow up.

This isn’t the first time we’ve shot Angel’s Face. The tutus are frilly and lacy which when it comes to product photography causes a whole range of problems. Removing backgrounds from this kind of product is, using traditional methods, immensely time consuming and difficult.

However, our Styleshoot machines automatically remove the background, meaning its easier to shoot, and has a quicker turn-around time. Meaning it’s cheaper and you get your images quicker.

A Bit More About Angel’s Face

Angel’s Face success began with the tutu – a super-soft, high-quality product which is wonderfully full of frilly nylon-chiffon layers. These beautiful skirts each come delivered in their own vintage-inspired striped hat box to make the garment a truly magical gift.

With an ever expanding collection of products, Angel’s Face has become a one-stop children’s fashion destination for all your party-wear needs! From knitwear and party shoes to hats and hoodies, the brand embodies a unique mix of fun and elegance which has made the brand popular the world-over.


House of Bibs

House of Bibs


It’s always a pleasure to have Maria from House of Bibs in the studio to shoot her fantastic products.

She is quickly becoming a very capable photographer using our machines, capturing her beautiful products in a manner that really highlights their high quality, and well considered designs.

House of Bibs combines contemporary designs with timeless fabrics for both practicality and fashion. We were especially taken with her baby bandana bibs.

The horizontal machine is perfect for shooting the House of Bib’s products, the bibs and matching sets.


We love Rockin Baby

We love Jo! And we love what Rockin Baby are doing with their garrulous, exciting and fun range of product!


Rockin’ Baby was founded in 2002 to provide slings to mothers around the world. They now offer stylish slings and childrenswear, with a philanthropic mission of one-for-one. You buy, they give.

Club Tropicana Japan~Front~PROCESSED

This is Jo’s third visit to Ushoot Studios and we absolutely love her. It has to be said that Rockin Baby are one of our perfect customers. Jo has become almost as proficient in using our horizontal machines as we are.

This time round we faced an extra challenge in that we only had 3 days to turn around the 400 pieces that needed to be shot. All are to be placed in their brochure to be printed tomorrow (Jo started shooting on Monday!)

As it happens she finished shooting with hours to spare and we set up a system to sen images as they were shot, and fingers crossed there will be no stressed our designers at the other end waiting for content

Jungle Jim Japan~Front+1~PROCESSED


Jakss inundate Ushoot Studios with Armani, Fendi and more…

And more from our lovely friends at Jakss. The last few weeks have seen a veritable smorgosbord of high end brands passing over our Styleshoots Horizontal.


Jakss was established in 1977 making them the longest running Designer Children’s retailer in the U.K. They are a trusted market leader in Kids designer clothes and Baby designer clothes. and stock leading Children’s and Baby wear clothing collections from around the World, covering all the top designer brands.

From Armani to Hugo Boss, Chloe to Moncler, Kenzo to Fendi we have shot it all. Shooting for Shelly who owns Jakss is a continual pleasure, great brands, great to work with (and we’ll have the last 12 bags you dropped of shot in a jiffy!!)