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Macacha have a healthy product shoot at UShoot

Who are Macacha?

With a collective nutritional experience of over thirty years the guys from Macacha are doing everything they can to make nutrition easy.

There are a lot of answers out there, people telling you to eat this, to not do that. It becomes difficult, and increasingly expensive, to know what is actually beneficial for you.

Macacha provide a simple solution:

“Forget taking all your different supplements and potions (and spending time researching what’s best). No need for endless juicing (and the washing up). Just add MACACHA. Complex, meet simple.”

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HBB use the whole UShoot Studio

The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag is about bags for everybody for every occasion.

Designed with their unique patented teardrop shape their bags are unique in style, and function.

The bags combine comfort, practicality, and fashion all in one. No easy task.

The single-strap and teardrop shape are designed to spread weight down your spine making heavy loads feel lighter and making it good for your back, thus the name.

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