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Sixteen47 shoot amazing plus-size mannequin photography at UShoot

How Sixteen47 shoot their amazing plus sized clothing with UShoot Studios.

Consumers want honesty. And traditionally the fashion market place has not been a particularly honest place. Plus-sized clothing is often shot on models who fall on the rather slim side. What this means when shopping online for plus-sized clothing is that you can’t get a real sense of what the clothes would look like.

Every fashion consumer is concerned with fit and flattering designs. So, it’s impractical for a shopper to gauge an item on a size 14 model when she actually wants to purchase a size 20.

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Olivier Baby

Olivier Baby was set up in 2011 by Emma Davison, who was shortly after joined by her sister, Alice Smith. Emma is herself a passionate knitter and as a team they design and create all the samples themselves. These samples are then put through the most rigorous quality tests by their children.

They aim to reflect the fun and laughter of their own childhoods in their deigns, instilling a distinct sense of nostalgia in many of their designs. Their shapes and lines are classic, and paired with refreshing and comforting colours. Stylish traditional, timeless designs instilled with that element of fun that is so quintessential of childhood. Whether it’s a star on the elbows or a heart on the bottom there is a little something on each item to make you smile. Importantly, all their clothes are hard wearing, soft and comfortable. So the kids look great and feel great, nothing to stop them from having fun.

Find them at Olivier Baby


St Piece

Intricate patterns aligned with intense, even opulent, colours set St Piece apart.

St Piece are a London based design studio specialising in luxury silk scarves and accessories for men and women. Founded in 2013 St Piece designs in their London studio before sending off to be printed and individually hand-rolled in Cheshire.

Their goal is to create ‘beautiful painting on luxury canvases of silk and cashmere’. And we might suggest they succeed.


Check out their website HERE



Selvedge has been using our services for a while now, and we really love receiving products from them. Their products range from dolls, to gorgeous scarves and throws. It is really nice to have customers like Selvedge, the products are amazing, and by working closely with them, we are able to give them exactly what they want.

There are many sides to every story and Selvedge is dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle life. All of us are inundated with textile sensation, from the moment we are taken and wrapped in our first blanket. It is a uniting aspect of all humanity and one that cannot be underrated.

It began as a small collection of textiles and designers. But has over the years grown into a haven of rarified textiles and esoteric treasures. Behind every item – whether a handmade candle or antique table linen is a story worth hearing.

The various nature of the items we needed to shoot for Selvedge was no problem with the machines. The versatility of the upright and horizontal together make what could otherwise have been a difficult and painful process quicker, and easier.


Royal Academy

The Royal Academy have been using our services for a while now. They need product shots for online store. Their shop has a range of giftware; jewellery, scarves, calendars and more. They also have a range of art catalogues and prints that need digitising. However, this poses a unique problem. Getting a high enough quality image of these can be difficult. Whilst the product itself is simple, the prints, can be large, the catalogues awkward.

The Royal Academy of Arts has a unique position in being an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.

They have an extensive range of high-quality products from top designers and Royal Academicians. Often, but not exclusively inspired by the Royal Academy’s exhibitions, these items have been specially selected by the award-winning RA Merchandise team.

It is important that the digital representation resembles the actuality as closely as possible, meaning the image quality has to be very good.

The range of product, the required styling, along with adjusting lighting, and followed by extensive post-production would make this process long, and expensive with a traditional photography studio.

However, our machines can do it all. Our flatbed machine is especially excellent at digitising prints and fine artwork. At 111″ long and 85″ wide it is big enough to shoot all but the largest pieces, rendering a perfect cut out PNG every time in under 1 minute. Easy, time and cost efficient.


Sixteen47 return to Ushoot Studios

Sixteen47 recently came to us for a solution for their product photography, and we were more than happy to be able to help.

A couple of weeks ago they sent in the first batch of womenswear for us to shoot. Using the new mannequin, we did so, quickly and efficiently. They were obviously pleased with the results as we quickly received the next load that needed shooting.

Sixteen47 is the clothing brand set up by Helen Teague and Dawn French. Their clothes effortlessly combine style with quality. Read More about Sixteen47

The clothes themselves are beautifully ad thoughtfully designed. And designed with plus sized women in mind, the fit is flattering rather than it simply being a large copy made for smaller women.
For those who need and want stylish and interesting clothes that fit and work for both their personal and work life, this extended size range, is perfect. It can be demoralising clothes shopping especially online where you can’t try things on, but with Sixteen47 the results are always simple great clothes.

You can find Sixteen47 at 69 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1

Find out more, and check out their clothing range here


Weshoot with Sixteen47 – Dawn French and Helen Teague

A rather exciting development in the studio. We recently had Sixteen47 send in their clothing for their first shoot.
Sixteen47 is the clothing line that has been developed for plus sized women by Helen Teague and Dawn French. The two of them met in the early 1990’s when, Dawn in search of good clothes wandered into Helen’s shop and loved what she found.

It was about a year later when Helen approached Dawn with a proposal to launch a clothing range together. It being something that Dawn had been thinking about for some time, it seemed that the pieces just fell into place.

They sent in a number of their newest collection into the Studio for a Weshoot session last week, bringing along their own mannequin. It was a new challenge to shoot this extended size range, however, the quality of the fabric, make and actual design meant that capturing the best from these fabulous garments was nowhere nearly as daunting a task as we first imagined it to be.

The clothes themselves have lovely designs, and as such clothes are designed with plus sized women in mind, the fit is flattering rather than it simply being a large copy made for smaller women.
For those who need and want stylish and interesting clothes that fit and work for both their personal and work life, this extended size range, know how demoralising it can be to clothes shop even online. The results are simple great clothes.

Sixteen47 is at 69 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 (0171 483 0733). French & Teague is also available in Evans outlets

Find out more, and check out their clothing range here


Fit for a Queen – Merchant Archive

At the end of last week Sophie Jones from Merchant Archive gave us a call and asked us if we could shoot a selection of their newest collection, and turn it around really quick. We always aim to please, so we rearranged a few things in the studio.

Their dresses truly are gorgeous. With fabulous silks in a selection of stunning, and we would say, regal colours. It made them an absolute pleasure to shoot. However, it was quite a challenge for our amazing team in the studio.
Merchant Archive began life in 2007 as a true archive sourcing and selling vintage clothes on appointment largely to designers for inspiration. In 2008 Sophie Merchant curated a corner of a small retail space, in a Victorian Lipton Tea shop, in Queens Park London, and three months later – due to demand – the small edit had taken over the entire space.

In 2011, keen to push the brand forward, Merchant Archive opened a new luxury location in Notting Hill and in 2013 Sophie slowly began to introduce key elements of her own designs.

In September 2014, due to the success of the label, the store became exclusively Merchant Archive collection offering womenswear, accessories, homeware and of course its heritage; an exquisite vintage archive.
SS15 launched exclusively with Net-A-Porter. For AW15, the brand grows further with select international stockists in Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

We loved her most recent range and look forward to seeing the next collection!


Pyrus shoot with UShoot Studios

We love having Ash come in with their fantastic ranges, he is enthusiastic, friendly and an extremely accomplished user of the vertical machine. So it is always a pleasure. It was his second visit to our studio recently and as last time he cracked on with a smile.

Ash and Lorraine met whilst studying at London College of fashion and then joined forces to establish Pyrus in 2005.
12 years on and Pyrus is doing very well with a really lovely selection of womenswear. The aim of their brand is easy wear modern classics. Clothes that won’t drop out of fashion next season, rather remain impervious to the swiftly changing courses of fashion fads.
Their designs are lovingly thought through, inspired by trips to everywhere from India to local art fairs and markets. Stocked internationally, across UK, Spain, France and even Japan, they now have a loyal following, and it is easy to see why.

Based in East London, UShoot was a great find for their product photography needs. The ability to control the shoot suits such a bespoke and unique brand very well. We very much look forward to seeing Ash next season with their newest ranges!


We love Rockin Baby

We love Jo! And we love what Rockin Baby are doing with their garrulous, exciting and fun range of product!


Rockin’ Baby was founded in 2002 to provide slings to mothers around the world. They now offer stylish slings and childrenswear, with a philanthropic mission of one-for-one. You buy, they give.

Club Tropicana Japan~Front~PROCESSED

This is Jo’s third visit to Ushoot Studios and we absolutely love her. It has to be said that Rockin Baby are one of our perfect customers. Jo has become almost as proficient in using our horizontal machines as we are.

This time round we faced an extra challenge in that we only had 3 days to turn around the 400 pieces that needed to be shot. All are to be placed in their brochure to be printed tomorrow (Jo started shooting on Monday!)

As it happens she finished shooting with hours to spare and we set up a system to sen images as they were shot, and fingers crossed there will be no stressed our designers at the other end waiting for content

Jungle Jim Japan~Front+1~PROCESSED