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Our Stylist Hannah has Hidden Depths

Our Stylist Hannah has Hidden Depths

Hannah is our stylist, what she cant do with a pair of pants probably isn’t worth knowing. Efficient and with an almost inhuman attention to detail there is no one in the world we would rather entrust our studio styling needs.

Hannah has more than just style though…

A self-professed creative, Hannah is an artist. Though being a conventional artist seems to lack a certain lustre for her.

She is a Make Up Artist (MUA). So, we endeavoured to find out a little more.

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Absolutely Mesmerising Light Painting

What is it?

Otherwise known as long exposure photography, light painting is a pet passion of ours in the studio.

A ‘light painting’ is created by the movement of a light or lights, using a slow camera shutter speed. This type of photography requires a long exposure (typically from one second to ten seconds), it is usually done at night or in an unlighted room. The smallest margins can, like a small amount of outside light, dramatically impact the final image, which makes it a difficult technique to get right.

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Flower Power with Iris & Bee

Iris & Bee is all about flowers.

Prints and paintings and we think they have some just gorgeous art.

They came across the all too familiar problem of how to digitise their art. It can be done at home of course, set up a little studio, try and get a shot precisely head on, or perhaps artistically create a background out of some cleverly folded sheets. This however, isn’t ideal. The consistency is never quite right, and the lighting will likely be off so the colours aren’t good representations.

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Marc Craig

Marc Craig is a street artist based in London who works primarily with large scale murals, both on his own and as part of the street art collective Psychdodoodlz which he also founded in 2015.  He has a broad range of creativity working within the disciplines of textiles, graphics, photography, sculpture and ceramics.

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A brand new ethical art organisation based in London that instils more fairness, more originality and more diversity in the International Art scene.

Their artists are based in Haiti, meaning despite their obvious and undeniable talent they have a restricted access to the international art market. Thus the THE smARTest PROJECT was born, to stimulate equity for these artists gain them the rewards and exposure they deserve.

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ID Peters return to UShoot Studios

Designed in London, Inspired by Africa.

ID Peters is heavily inspired by the vast and vibrant fabrics and colours of African art, and the diverse traditions and rich culture. They present a contemporary interpretation of African art, both ancient and modern.

Following on from her modelshoot, a month or so ago, ID returned to Ushoot with a new selection of her bags for a product shoot!

The combination of ID’s influences, from traditional African styles, patterns, and colours, along with her love of London fashion and design, lends her range of products a wonderful originality.

A bit more About ID Peters

ID grew up in Africa, and unsurprisingly, became enamoured by the vibrant art and culture that surrounded her. From an early age she was sewing and experimenting with African art, fabrics, clothes and textiles. And she went on to make bridal wear.

In 2003 ID migrated to London, and her passion for fashion was reignited, and she saw an unexplored niche, where she could bring together her love of London with her African heritage.

After several years of study in business and fashion she set up ID Peters in 2007 and embarked on a journey to build a brand that brought together contemporary London and the vibrancy of African art.


Top Tips from Ushoot! Get the most from your camera phone with…

Cameras have become a pocket necessity. Attached to your phone (which may or may not be attached to you) is something that can snap every moment and document the entirety of your life.

And as technology improves the cameras on your phone are getting better, to the point where they surpass the Nikon you bought five years ago. However, there are still some things that a phone just doesn’t quite get right. The flash on your iPhone is just rubbish, the lens is limited.

Well we have done a bit of research and those problems are ultimately on their way to being solved. Here are 5 top gadgets that will help you get the most out of your phones camera.

1. Clip-on LensGizmon-Clip-on-LensesThere is no need to be limited by the lens on your phone. There are numerous lenses for both android and iPhone on the market today that will expand the horizon of you phone photography.

To start with there’s probably the most well-known of clip-on lenses, the Olloclip. Most popular is the 4-in-1, available for the various permutations of iPhone 4 through 6 as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 and 5. Through a clever bit of engineering, the 4-in-1 lens packs in a fisheye, a wide-angle, a 10x macro and a 15x macro, all of which work on both the front and rear cameras. There’s no real set-up – you do quite literally just clip them on and shoot away

2. An External Flashphone flash

Your native flash is crap. Accept this and move on. Poor lighting does not have to be the end of your budding photographic career though.

Try using a Pocket Spotlight for example, from the folks at Photojojo, the Pocket Spotlight is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a constant light source that will clip onto your smartphone and, yes, fit in your pocket. Make portraits with pop, or add dramatic lighting to video.

3. A Mini TripodMini tripod

Nobody likes blurry photos, and frankly they are just unnecessary. Don’t spoil your images because you can’t keep your hand steady.

You should try using one of the many tripod options available for your smartphone. If you’re after more adventurous compositions that may involve dangling your phone from branches or mighty high cliffs then the Joby Gorillapod is an obvious choice. A cool grippy tripod with malleable legs, the Gorillapod can be contorted and arranged to cling to almost anything.

For something simpler, we might advise something like the Manfrotto Pixi. These diminutive tripods are pefect for using on tabletops for a steady base.

4.  A Remote Shutter Releaseremote chutter release

You’ve got your tripod set up, the compositions glorious, only one thing is missing from the photo… you. Free yourself from behind the camera and jump in front, you know you want to.

What you need is a remote shutter release. Does exactly what it says on the tin. A small and compact way to expand your triggering options.

5. A CaseProtective case

You don’t need to stick to a generic phone case with minions plastered on the back. This serves no purpose (aside from looking awesome). You can now get phone cases that come with in-built lenses and whistles and all sorts, such as the Manfrotto Klyp+ range.

Or even get your iPhone a a water proof case and save a few bob on a Go-Pro.


Archivist Gallery at Ushoot Studios

Large match boxes_Group Shot

The last few weeks have seen a huge variety of product come through the doors of the studio and one company that had us guessing was Archivist Gallery, a glorious letterpress business producing a wonderful array of products

Archivist Gallery are a home-spun team of artisan printers who create beautiful products using letterpress—a technique of relief printing where the printer sets movable type and images into the bed of the press before inking it and setting the thing in motion.

Shooting the matchboxes was quick and easy using our Horizontal Styleshoots and we soon had a wide range of shots. Shooting glass bottles is of course more tricky but with some diffusers, some shaped pieces of card and a little patience we were happy with the results and we are very much looking forward to seeing more letterpress work in the studio soon.


Royal Academy Come To Ushoot Studios

It was following Dans interesting (and somewhat) painful foray into Dragons Den that we had a call from Emma at the Royal Academy.
The question was how well would the machines work for a pretty wide and eclectic variety of the sort of product that appears on the Royal Academy online shop

Over the past 2 years we have shot almost everything. From fairies to rocking sheep. Our Styleshoots Machines, although designed for fashion , do have extraordinary application across a huge variety of product. One thing we have found is that for art of all kinds, from prints to objet to sculpture, the efficiency and consistency the machines deliver is amazing.

We want more… A challenge to everyone out there with anything to shoot – come and have a go…

Looking forward to seeing all the lovely people from the RA again very soon.


Art for Arts sake… Tag Fine Arts shoot at Ushoot

Over the past few months we have seen an influx of art hit our Styleshoot Horizontal machine.

The lovely people from TAG Fine Art have found in us a resource they didn’t know existed. TAG are situated in The Business Design Centre and have an incredible array of artists on their books with some truly inspirational works and its been a pleasure to shoot perfect digital records of some great pieces…


What is glorious about shooting art in the studio is… well frankly everything. Its unbelievably quick and therefore so much cheaper than any other option in terms of a perfect digital record of the work. One can shoot pieces up to 1.5 metres in length and 1.2 metres in width and because of the quality of the camera and sophistication of the machines the results are quite frankly amazing.


We want more art in the studio – its as simple as that! Bring it in, shoot and leave minutes later with great images…