Stay Warm this Winter with these Awesome Brands

Stay warm this winter

We have recently had a number of clients come in with products that will keep you cosy and warm through the winter months.


“The world’s first long hot water bottle”

YuYu is a new take on the hot water bottle. Designed 81cm long it stays hotter for longer. The elongated design also makes it more practical, and with the extendable strap feature you can enjoy hands free heat application. Drape it over your shoulders, or tie it round your waist.


The bubbles on the surface of the bottle count not only as a massaging feature but also create air pockets under the fabric which in turn allows the bottle to stay warmer for longer. Depending on the temperature of the environment you’re in, the YuYu should stay warm for anything between 2-6 hours. 2 hours if you’re outside in the cold and possibly even up to 6 hours if you’re in bed.


So Cosy

As the name suggests So Cosy is about creating beautiful, luxurious, cosy wool products. It started out with blankets and they now have a range of products including throws, rugs, scarves and cushions.

They sent in a selection of blankets to be shot, and we can verify they are soft. Very soft, quite cuddly, we had to restrain ourselves from fondling them unnecessarily.

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Cashmere and Cotton

Cashmere and Cotton are a fairly new company. They target women with friendly, practical and stylish clothing, and a selection of accessories that really set off the bold colours in their soft cashmere garments.


Their aim is to delight and surprise customers with their expansive range, vibrant colours and creative & unique designs.

Cashmere and Cotton’s first range arrived on the market in 2007 and was greeted with a huge amount of success. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and under pressure from eager customers, have expanded their range incredibly in the last seven years. They have an extensive collection of jumpers, cardigans, wraps, scarves and more.

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Sands & Hall

Sands & Hall was established in 2015 by Sara and David Hall via Facebook, growing almost overnight into a sought after, ‘go to’ label for luxurious, tweed capes.

The focus to date has been on designing and producing ready-to-wear capes in fine Irish and British tweeds and cashmere’s for women and men, trailblazing the ongoing trend for the garment and creating pieces that reflect Sands & Hall’s key values of luxury, versatility and timeless elegance.

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