Shooting Fur and Lace is a Doddle with UShoot

The difficulties of shooting fur and lace and then cutting out and post-producing it in Photoshop are legendary.

With fur (or hair) you have to cut and then feather the edges, which creates and effect like the reality. It is quite painstaking and time-consuming and the end result isn’t a completely accurate representation of the product.

With lace, well there are a few options, but no shortcuts. You have to carefully cut it out.

However, with our StyleShoot machines these problems are erased. The intelligent software incorporated in the machine identifies and cuts out the background on a pixel level.

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Bowtique London

Bowtique make some pretty incredible accessories, hats and bows. They are colourful, bright and exciting.

Set up in 2014, Bowtique London provide bows and fur bobble hats in a myriad of colours. They now supply over 100 UK retailers and ship as far afield as Japan!

They sent in a selection of over 100 hats for us to shoot.

Using traditional techniques this would have taken a huge amount of time, and the post-production costs would have sky rocketed as the retouchers beavered away.

Instead we flew through the shoot. It was only a matter of styling as each items fur lined bobble being identified and cut out in a matter of seconds by our machine.

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Freolic produce beautiful high end lingerie with sophisticated and intricate details in lace.

The problem with shooting lace, especially lace as intricate and detailed as these is the background. It becomes a nightmare to retouch, and almost impossible to cut out.

This process was made so easy by our machines that Evgeniya came in and shot the garments herself.

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Cutting out intricate shapes can be a nightmare. With UShoot it becomes, if not a dream certainly a much more pleasant experience. Our styleShoot machines do all the hard work. All you need to d is style the product and press the button.

Have you got difficult to shoot lace garments or furry pieces?

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