Helpful Tips

Just like anything in life our studio requires preparation. If this is done well, we can help you realise you full photographic potential.

To use your time efficiently you need to know first how the machines work. Read through our resource centre tips to get an idea of the machines and their capabilities.

If you are uncertain how the machines work, or perhaps sceptical, come in for a free tour, this will allow you to practice on the machines and get used to them. Then when you come in for your shoot, you won’t have to spend the first half hour to hour practicing your shots and fiddling with your required pre-sets.

Good ideas include:

  1. Come with clothes prepared and ready to style.
  2. Have them ironed and clean. Although we have an iron on-site this process will be time consuming and slow you down, stopping you from utilising your time and the machines to their best efficiency. These machines are not photo-shopping machines. They remove the background and give you a fantastic quality shot. They will not remove stains, creases or other unwanted blemishes. Please bear this in mind when you bring your product in.

Mannequin photography is a little harder than using our flatbed facilities. Dressing and styling the magic mannequin can be a little fiddly. It takes initiative and practice to use the intuitive design.

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