Taking Photos

In this section:

  1. Open Live View
  2. Rotate the Image
  3. Style your Product
  4. Adjust Exposure
  5. Lighting adjustment
  6. Zoom
  7. Focus
  8. Use overlays
  9. Take a Photo
  10. Export Screen

Open Live View

  1. To start a photo shoot, tap on a folder to open it. You can always create a new folder if you want.
  2. Tap Take Photos to open the live view. All photos you save will go into this folder.

Rotate the Image

  1. Rotating live view is important so that the product appears upright, no matter how it’s positioned on the table. uShoot will apply the rotation to all of the presets once the photo is exported.
  2. Rotate the live view using two fingers to make sure your product turns right side up.

Style your Product

Position your product as you want it to appear in your photo. Use the live view to continuously check how your product will look in the final photo. Move the iPad around to give yourself a good working position.

Adjust Exposure

If your product is extremely light, you should step the exposure down. Preserve detail in bright products by underexposing the image a bit, and vice versa for dark products.

To adjust exposure:

  1. To create a darker image, tap the small sun icon.
  2. To create a lighter image, tap the large sun icon.

Lighting adjustment

By turning lights on and off, you can achieve different looks in your photos. On the back of each product light, you can turn the entire light off, or switch individual bulbs for finer adjustment.


  1. Tap + / – to zoom in and get the full detail of your product.
  2. Zooming may bring the image out of focus. You will be reminded to focus whenever you zoom.


  1. Tap the live view to focus. The camera will take a few seconds to auto focus.
  2. Tap on the part of your article that should be sharpest in the final image. Once you tap, a circle will pulsate during focus, and lock down once focusing is complete.
  3. If the system is unable to focus, try tapping at a nearby area with a higher contrast level.
  4. You will be reminded to focus whenever you haves zoomed, since zooming causes elements inside the lens to move.

Use overlays

To enable an Overlay:

  1. Tap the Overlays icon to open the popover.
  2. Select the overlay you want to use, and it will appear in Live View as a translucent image.

If the image you want to use is not in the list of Overlays, tap the + to add it using an image from Library.

To disable an Overlay:

  1. Tap on the Overlays icon.
  2. Tap the Show Overlay switch to turn it OFF.

Take a Photo

  1. When you’re happy with the way your product looks in live view, simply tap the photo button to take a photo.
  2. Mastering backlight, camera, and processing power, the Auto Alpha™ algorithm takes multiple pictures, analyzes every pixel, precisely cuts out your product, and cleans the image.
  3. Make sure to check the surroundings and stand back to avoid any reflections on the table.

Export Screen

As soon as the machine is done taking photos, an instant preview will appear in the export screen. You can input a file name and category while processing and exporting continues in the background.

The export screen will not appear if Fast Track is turned on.

When naming your file, you can use all normal characters except “~” and  “+” since these are used internally to identify the location of your file.

To name a file, the Barcode scanning functionality can also be used.

  1. Name your photo.
  2. Tap on the Category field to select a category. If the field is missing you can enable it in Settings.
  3. Tap Save.

When you tap Save, live view will reappear instantly so you can continue working on the next product.

While in live view, you can see the photos currently being processed in the background by tapping on the queue icon. Tap on a photo in the queue to see it full screen.