Quick Start

In this section:

  1. Creating your own folder
  2. Using Live View
  3. Taking a photo
  4. Saving the image

Create your own folder for your images to be exported to

  1. Tap on the + to create a new folder.
  2. Name your folder as you like, for clarity sake your company name would be best, then tap done.
  3. Tap on the new folder to open it up.

Tap plus to add a folder Library name and done Tap on the folder

Using the Live View function

  1. Tap ‘take photos’ to open the live view.
  2. Arrange your product on the StyleShoots table or mannequin, again however you like. You have complete freedom.
  3. You can adjust the exposure using the sun icons.
  4. Zoom in and out simply by using the + / buttons. Remember to refocus by tapping the screen afterwards.

Taking a photo

  1. Tap the Camera icon at the bottom to take a photo.

The image will then be processed automatically in seconds; the background removed by the Auto Alpha™ algorithm

Saving the image

  1. Give your photo a name, select a category e.g., Front or back, then tap Save.
  2. Your image will then be exported in all of the export presets you have defined, as well as a PNG and unprocessed JPEG as standard.