In this section:

  1. Browsing photos
  2. Arranging photos
  3. Viewing photos

Browsing photos

The library is where all the photos taken on the machine are stored for viewing. Folders are sorted alphabetically. Photos inside the folders can be arranged either by latest first or by name.

Only one version of the photo will be shown in the designated folder, even if the image is saved in multiple formats. This makes it easier to browse the photos you have taken. The other formats will be found on your USB.

To arrange photos

  1. Tap ‘date’ to arrange photos by date with the latest first.
  2. Tap ‘name’ to arrange photos alphabetically.

Arranged by date Arranged by name

Viewing photos

  1. Tap on the folder where the photo is located.
  2. Tap the thumbnail of the photo you want to view.
  3. Pinch to zoom.
  4. Tap the eye icon to reveal the transparency, this allows you to see what it will look like against the background of your choice.

library-tapping-on-a-folder Tapping on shirt View image Zoom in on shirt View image