New Clients with New Collections get us Giddy

We love meeting new people and discovering new brands. And whilst we perhaps don’t readily admit it, with the endless curiosity of children, we get quite excited when new brands come through the doors.

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting then. We’ve had a couple of new companies choose us as ther studio.

Here are two awesome new clients we have had in:

Juniper Berry Kids

JuniperBerry Kids is a new British children’s brand. With a gorgeous selection of dresses and accessories. We were very excited to have a few of these items in to shoot with their bright colours and eye catching prints their clothes are designed to be timelessly stylish and more importantly, fun. There is also a broad range, so clothes for every occasion. 

JuniperBerry Kids was founded in 2016 by Katie Christie. After having two daughters Katie wanted to find a business that she could run while being a mother and that forms a backdrop of creativity for her children. Inspiring her daughters to have an understanding of the creative process and running a business are important elements of the JuniperBerry Kids mission.



Nightire are another newbie on the fashion scene. They make, as you might have guessed, night attire. 

They have a website which will be coming online soon. But before that happened, they needed high quality imagery for their gorgeous nightire. 

They sent in a selection of their comfy clothing. We had a few problems with some of the materials. Things like silk hat crease easily have to be carefully and thoroughly steamed before they get shot. However, once everything was steamed the shoo went quickly, the clothes cut for comfort fitted our ghost mannequin well. In the end, very little post-production was needed.