Model Shots vs. Product Shots

Model shots vs. Product Shots

When considering your product imagery you have to take into account the multiple purposes your imagery will be used.

You will need lifestyle imagery that can be used in line with your brand. This provides a distinct number of problems from choosing your model, and photographer, to sourcing locations, and planning each shot down to the finest details.

Why you might need Lifestyle and model shots

  • To help explain the feature or benefit
  • To demonstrate usage and give it context
  • Demonstrate the fit on a model
  • Show the scale or size of the product
  • Support your brand or theme.


However, you also need product shots that demonstrate accurately what your product looks like (and if you really want to get ahead you are going to want to add video).

The question we want to answer, is should you have straight product shots using flat lay like someone like Emile et Rose or ghost mannequin like Sixteen 47.

Or should you shoot product on model, giving the imagery context? ASOS are a great example of this.


Take a look at some pros and cons

Flat Lay


  • Requires a relatively simple photography setup
  • Versatile and useful for many types of clothing
  • Many different ways to style
  • Can be used to produce creative flat lay collages


  • Requires extra time spent styling
  • Garments can look distorted laid flat if not styled properly
  • Not suitable for larger items like long dresses etc
  • Consistency of styling can be a problem




  • Great for showing off features like inner linings and cuffs
  • Quick and simple to style
  • Helps customers visualise clothes as if worn


  • Requires post production work and image compositing
  • Requires styling to fit mannequins properly
  • Having a wide range of mannequins can be expensive




  • Gives off a more editorial feel to product presentation
  • Can be used to showcase outfit selections and assist in up-selling and conversion
  • Can be used in combination with live video
  • Unlimited creative possibilities in styling (hair, model choice etc)


  • Expensive to hire models, stylists and photographers
  • Time consuming to edit and shoot
  • Different cost for head shots compared to body shots
  • Requires an efficient studio workflow and product sample organisation


What we would advise…

A lot of leading fashion houses are moving towards leading with simple product on model shots backed up by straight product.

This incurs extra cost as you need the resource to shoot both, which for many smaller businesses is an unnecessary cost.

With the aim of hyper-efficiency, we have developed a streamlined solution for this.

Using our Styleshoot machines and our Modelshoot service in tandem you can walk through your photo shoot all in one place, adding video at the same time, (if you are in the mind to do so).

Have a look at these 9 Creative Product Photography Ideas to get some ideas how you can make your product photography stand out from the crowd.


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