How Sands & Hall had a Great Model Shoot with UShoot Studios

Model Shoot

The big fashion market place is moving inexorably towards leading with model shots supported by product imagery. However, this is hard for smaller companies to compete with.

So with our full package, combining model shots with our Styleshoot machines we have a photography studio that can produce high quality model shots as well as simple product shots all in the same place, making the process of getting your photography much more efficient.

Who has used our Model Shoot service in the past?

We’ve been running Modelshoot from its inception around a 9 months ago and have numerous clients come in and try it out. For example, Bonsoir of London, and ID Peters more recently.

Bonsoir of London were established in 1926, an era that celebrated the cocktail pyjama, where fashionable hosts entertained guests in their luxury loungewear, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

ID Peters is heavily inspired by the vast and vibrant fabrics and colours of African art, and the diverse traditions and rich culture. They present a contemporary interpretation of African art, both ancient and modern. They have been using UShoot for several years now, and when they heard about our new modelshoot service they could not wait to try it out!

This Time…

Who used our Model Shoot?

Sands & Hall was established in 2015 by Sara and David Hall via Facebook, growing almost overnight into a sought after, ‘go to’ label for luxurious, tweed capes. The focus to date has been on designing and producing ready-to-wear capes in fine Irish and British tweeds and cashmeres for women and men, trailblazing the ongoing trend for the garment and creating pieces that reflect Sands & Hall’s key values of luxury, versatility and timeless elegance.

Their capes are stylish, subtle and made from the highest quality materials. We really love their designs and there were quite a few oohs around the studio as the shoot went on.


Why model and not just product?

Placing the product on model shows how the garment looks on body, and gives a clearer more honest visual of the product. Which is why many major fashion houses are moving in the direction of model shots first. ASOS are now even giving short video product clips for each item, displaying how to wear and the effects of movement.

The shoot ran smoothly with our man Amir running the photography and there chosen model making it look easy.

And Video…

This was a great opportunity for us to test out our newest feature which is creating video and stills simultaneously.

Watch out for our future produced examples of the results.