It’s all about the Kids

It’s all about the Kids

We get a lot of childrenswear clothes and brands in the studio. Jakss for example have been a long term client of ours for years, routinely sending in large batches of clothing. Sending in collections of high-end childrenswear from brands such as Versace.

Recently we have been inundated with some really awesome baby and kids wear. Here are just a few of the childrenswear brands we have had in:

The Little Tailor

Set up by Kate and Jane, The Little Tailor is a baby wear brand dedicated to creating soft, beautiful, timeless clothing for babies and toddlers.  The clothing is made for comfort as well as style, for growing little people.


They aim to create clothing that isn’t just functional, but fun as well.

Olivier Baby

Olivier Baby are one of our oldest customers and we have

They aim to reflect the fun and laughter of their own childhoods in their deigns, instilling a distinct sense of nostalgia in many of their designs. Their shapes and lines are classic, and paired with refreshing and comforting colours. Stylish traditional, timeless designs instilled with that element of fun that is so quintessential of childhood.

Whether it’s a star on the elbows or a heart on the bottom there is a little something on each item to make you smile. Importantly, all their clothes are hard wearing, soft and comfortable. So the kids look great and feel great, nothing to stop them from having fun.

AliOli Kids

AliOli began in 2012. Their inspiration and USP, Spain. Their Childrenswear is still made almost exclusively in Spain and Portugal.

Today they stock and sell their own Spanish inspired brand, as well as a carefully selected collectin from some fabulous independant brands such as: Condor, Batela, and Fina Ejerique.

They aspire to classic and functional designs that aren’t stuffy or elaborate, but rather lend themselves to elegance in their simplicity.

Amaia kids

Amaia kids is a childrenswear brand owned and designed by Amaia (from Spain) and Segolene (from France). The stunning children’s clothes of Amaia have influences from all over the Europe.

They first opened with a store in Fulham in 2004, but since moved to Chelsea, and expanded their online store.

Sourcing fabric from all over Europe, Amaia & Segolene blend subtle colours and bright prints with retro flair and trendy cuts to make everyday wear pieces as well as dressy garments for special occasions.

On top of this they have a range of great accessories – shoes, hair, jewellery, baby gifts, swimsuits and tights, designed to wonderfully complement their clothing range.