Chilly Weather: Hot Product Shots with Norse and Chilly Bottles

There are a number of ways to keep warm this winter, and we’ve recently had in two brands with their own unique takes on this…


The guys at Norse would have you grow a luxurious beard to warm your chin. They have the perfect products to help you turn from bum fluff turn into a beard buff.

From beard oils to hand-crafted double sided safety razors. Their products are designed to make your beard truly luxurious.

Their products are carefully, thoughtfully crafted and make great gifts.

They recently came into the studio with some new products. They needed high quality, cosistent imagery that showcases the thoughtful stunning designs of their products and branding.

One difficulty in shooting their products is the reflective metal surfaces on things like their razors. These issues are minimised by the easily controlled consistent lighting of the Styleshoot machines.

As you can see in the imagery above, the product is lit evenly from ether side producing an image with depth and clarity that doesn’t need a huge amount of post-production.



We love their designs, which come in a broad spectrum of colours and patterns which are constantly evolving. Their pastel range is a particular favourite of ours in the studio, the bright pastel colours with the minimalist design and ultra-functionality make the product exciting, eye-catching and fun.

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They have some new stunning designs which we just love.

They have a new range of special edition products. Each product is made in the same effective style, keeping your drink hot for 12hrs, or cold for 24.

This seemed like a big claim at first, however, we went away and tried one of their bottles and in fact it was too hot to drink for the first 2 hours. At the end of the day my coffee was still warm.