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HBB use the whole UShoot Studio

The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag is about bags for everybody for every occasion.

Designed with their unique patented teardrop shape their bags are unique in style, and function.

The bags combine comfort, practicality, and fashion all in one. No easy task.

The single-strap and teardrop shape are designed to spread weight down your spine making heavy loads feel lighter and making it good for your back, thus the name.

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Model Shots vs. Product Shots

Model shots vs. Product Shots

When considering your product imagery you have to take into account the multiple purposes your imagery will be used.

You will need lifestyle imagery that can be used in line with your brand. This provides a distinct number of problems from choosing your model, and photographer, to sourcing locations, and planning each shot down to the finest details.

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Love Brand & Co. return for another Ushoot Session

It was an absolute delight to see Oliver from Love Brand &  Co. again.

He came in with a selection of new clothes that he needed product shots of at very short notice. We managed to squeeze him into a slot just in time. The reason he needed the images so quickly was he was jetting off to Costa Rica with these very same items to do their new lifestyle shoot on stunning sandy shores. We must admit we were somewhat jealous…

Love Brand & Co was founded by Oliver and Rose.

It was Oliver’s entrepreneurial spirit and design background and Rose’s heritage and knowledge of the Tropics, that led them to start a new swimwear label. Their Ethos was primarily to help save elephants from extinction in the wild. A concept they coined ‘Trunks for Trunks’. This was them expanded to include a variety of other charities that help endangered species.

The actual clothing encompasses with effortless ease the colours and spirit of summer. The beautiful clothing, with fun bright design, combined with their wonderful ethos are what make this a brand to love.

Love Brand & Co. is committed to helping elephants and other endangered species in the wild. which is why they donate 5% of all their revenue to charity.

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Bonsoir of London

Bonsoir of London came to us the other week with an Emergency. They needed their range of luxury nightwear to be shot, and they needed it now!

They were established in 1926, an era that celebrated the cocktail pyjama, where fashionable hosts entertained guests in their luxury loungewear, and they’ve been going strong ever since.


Bonsoir celebrates this timeless elegance, offering stylish designs carefully tailored to the highest standard using the finest quality fabrics, to ensure durability and exceptional comfort.

Their philosophy is one of exceptional quality, style and comfort.
When coming to capture these garments and properly expose them as the high end products they are, it takes a high quality of photography. So when they found us at Ushoot they were quite pleased.

170 items to be shot, using our new ModelShoot service as well as our product photography, and all in three to four days.
The gauntlet was laid down and we bent to pick it up.

We quickly discovered the difficulties of shooting these garments. Brushed cotton and silk creased quickly and easily meaning constant re-ironing. Plus capturing the garments in a manner that really showed the quality of the materials and the tailoring created new hardships.

We persevered, and our obstinence in the face of impending frustration was rewarded with done.


Model Shoot

Numerous of our clients have asked whether we can do model shots.

And we are here to say yes, yes we can. The increasing in demand has made it clear to us the only right and good thing to do would be to open up a space for model shoots in our studio.

ModelShoot - Live 2

We really just couldn’t go on depriving people of this service.

The big fashion market place is moving inexorably towards leading with model shots supported by product imagery. However, this is hard for smaller companies to compete with.

So with our full package, combining model shots with our Styleshoot machines we have a photography studio that runs at a fraction of the costs in the fraction of the time.



Top Tips from Ushoot! Get the most from your camera phone with…

Cameras have become a pocket necessity. Attached to your phone (which may or may not be attached to you) is something that can snap every moment and document the entirety of your life.

And as technology improves the cameras on your phone are getting better, to the point where they surpass the Nikon you bought five years ago. However, there are still some things that a phone just doesn’t quite get right. The flash on your iPhone is just rubbish, the lens is limited.

Well we have done a bit of research and those problems are ultimately on their way to being solved. Here are 5 top gadgets that will help you get the most out of your phones camera.

1. Clip-on LensGizmon-Clip-on-LensesThere is no need to be limited by the lens on your phone. There are numerous lenses for both android and iPhone on the market today that will expand the horizon of you phone photography.

To start with there’s probably the most well-known of clip-on lenses, the Olloclip. Most popular is the 4-in-1, available for the various permutations of iPhone 4 through 6 as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 and 5. Through a clever bit of engineering, the 4-in-1 lens packs in a fisheye, a wide-angle, a 10x macro and a 15x macro, all of which work on both the front and rear cameras. There’s no real set-up – you do quite literally just clip them on and shoot away

2. An External Flashphone flash

Your native flash is crap. Accept this and move on. Poor lighting does not have to be the end of your budding photographic career though.

Try using a Pocket Spotlight for example, from the folks at Photojojo, the Pocket Spotlight is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a constant light source that will clip onto your smartphone and, yes, fit in your pocket. Make portraits with pop, or add dramatic lighting to video.

3. A Mini TripodMini tripod

Nobody likes blurry photos, and frankly they are just unnecessary. Don’t spoil your images because you can’t keep your hand steady.

You should try using one of the many tripod options available for your smartphone. If you’re after more adventurous compositions that may involve dangling your phone from branches or mighty high cliffs then the Joby Gorillapod is an obvious choice. A cool grippy tripod with malleable legs, the Gorillapod can be contorted and arranged to cling to almost anything.

For something simpler, we might advise something like the Manfrotto Pixi. These diminutive tripods are pefect for using on tabletops for a steady base.

4.  A Remote Shutter Releaseremote chutter release

You’ve got your tripod set up, the compositions glorious, only one thing is missing from the photo… you. Free yourself from behind the camera and jump in front, you know you want to.

What you need is a remote shutter release. Does exactly what it says on the tin. A small and compact way to expand your triggering options.

5. A CaseProtective case

You don’t need to stick to a generic phone case with minions plastered on the back. This serves no purpose (aside from looking awesome). You can now get phone cases that come with in-built lenses and whistles and all sorts, such as the Manfrotto Klyp+ range.

Or even get your iPhone a a water proof case and save a few bob on a Go-Pro.


Fabric Gateaux come to Ushoot Studios

Last week was a week of colour in the studio. We had the lovely Karina from Fabric Gateaux and some wonderfully vibrant pieces came with her

Orange wrist wrap_Front_2048 x 2048_TO SEND

We are often asked about colour and how well the machines produce true to life colour. I suppose the best answer for this is that we virtually never have to colour correct to that extent although nothing is ever perfect, Styleshoots have come pretty close




Icandy are a fab company! Graham called last year as he had come accross us in a previous life and asked the question “can we shoot an array of buggy parts”
“absolutely” we said!

And so the second and third week of January saw Ushoot studios literally overrun with bits of buggy.

iCandy vertical 21st January 2016+13~PROCESSED_TO SEND_1000x500

First off were handle bars and frames and these rolled on and off our Styleshoots machine like water from a ducks back. Quick. perfectly cut out and beautifully focessed

Next hoods and wheels and many bits and bobs. Again easy work for both our horizontal and vertical machines


The shopping baskets that go under the buggies though – now they were a challenge.

Either way we loved having such a great company in and look forward to being besieged by buggies again soon…


Popband bring Hair ties and Christmas to Ushoot

Early last week we had the guys from Pop Band in using the studio and specifically the Horizontal Styleshoot machine in a way never seen before! When we are asked “can you shoot people” generally we will say not really – the machines tend to try and cut the eyes out. However Tony and the girls proved us wrong getting some amazing model shots by lying absolutely still on the machine. At one point we had three girls draped on our Horizontal!!


Popbands are deliciously soft, stretchy ‘no crease’ hair bands that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down!  Really great product. Hairbands that dont pull the hair out. But not only this they brought into the studio a whole new approach to our styleshoots machines


All of a sudden it was Christmas morning and presents by the dozen had been wrapped and distributed liberally over the Styleshoots Horizontal. The girls did an incredible job of staying still. In one shot so still (whilst eating a huge chocolate coin) i thought she’d died on us!

Thankyou Pop Band… And see you again soon…