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Love Brand use our Model Shoot Service

Love Brand – A ModelShoot

Love Brand have been using UShoot for a while now and we are always excited to have them come in. We love their brand, we love their philosophy and we love their clothes.

Oliver wanted something different from this shoot though. He wanted to use our modelshoot service which we have recently developed.

We were more than happy to oblige him.

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HBB use the whole UShoot Studio

The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag is about bags for everybody for every occasion.

Designed with their unique patented teardrop shape their bags are unique in style, and function.

The bags combine comfort, practicality, and fashion all in one. No easy task.

The single-strap and teardrop shape are designed to spread weight down your spine making heavy loads feel lighter and making it good for your back, thus the name.

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Model Shots vs. Product Shots

Model shots vs. Product Shots

When considering your product imagery you have to take into account the multiple purposes your imagery will be used.

You will need lifestyle imagery that can be used in line with your brand. This provides a distinct number of problems from choosing your model, and photographer, to sourcing locations, and planning each shot down to the finest details.

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How Sands & Hall had a Great Model Shoot with UShoot Studios

Model Shoot

The big fashion market place is moving inexorably towards leading with model shots supported by product imagery. However, this is hard for smaller companies to compete with.

So with our full package, combining model shots with our Styleshoot machines we have a photography studio that can produce high quality model shots as well as simple product shots all in the same place, making the process of getting your photography much more efficient.

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Angel’s Face – tutu cute

Angel’s Face was founded in 2007 by Keely Deininger. Keely comes from a design background and has worked in the industry for many years for brands such as H&M and Topshop. However, she really wanted to start her own business, to have autonomy and complete design freedom. Angel’s Face allowed her to do this, whilst watching her kids grow up.

This isn’t the first time we’ve shot Angel’s Face. The tutus are frilly and lacy which when it comes to product photography causes a whole range of problems. Removing backgrounds from this kind of product is, using traditional methods, immensely time consuming and difficult.

However, our Styleshoot machines automatically remove the background, meaning its easier to shoot, and has a quicker turn-around time. Meaning it’s cheaper and you get your images quicker.

A Bit More About Angel’s Face

Angel’s Face success began with the tutu – a super-soft, high-quality product which is wonderfully full of frilly nylon-chiffon layers. These beautiful skirts each come delivered in their own vintage-inspired striped hat box to make the garment a truly magical gift.

With an ever expanding collection of products, Angel’s Face has become a one-stop children’s fashion destination for all your party-wear needs! From knitwear and party shoes to hats and hoodies, the brand embodies a unique mix of fun and elegance which has made the brand popular the world-over.


ID Peters return to UShoot Studios

Designed in London, Inspired by Africa.

ID Peters is heavily inspired by the vast and vibrant fabrics and colours of African art, and the diverse traditions and rich culture. They present a contemporary interpretation of African art, both ancient and modern.

Following on from her modelshoot, a month or so ago, ID returned to Ushoot with a new selection of her bags for a product shoot!

The combination of ID’s influences, from traditional African styles, patterns, and colours, along with her love of London fashion and design, lends her range of products a wonderful originality.

A bit more About ID Peters

ID grew up in Africa, and unsurprisingly, became enamoured by the vibrant art and culture that surrounded her. From an early age she was sewing and experimenting with African art, fabrics, clothes and textiles. And she went on to make bridal wear.

In 2003 ID migrated to London, and her passion for fashion was reignited, and she saw an unexplored niche, where she could bring together her love of London with her African heritage.

After several years of study in business and fashion she set up ID Peters in 2007 and embarked on a journey to build a brand that brought together contemporary London and the vibrancy of African art.


Bonsoir of London

Bonsoir of London came to us the other week with an Emergency. They needed their range of luxury nightwear to be shot, and they needed it now!

They were established in 1926, an era that celebrated the cocktail pyjama, where fashionable hosts entertained guests in their luxury loungewear, and they’ve been going strong ever since.


Bonsoir celebrates this timeless elegance, offering stylish designs carefully tailored to the highest standard using the finest quality fabrics, to ensure durability and exceptional comfort.

Their philosophy is one of exceptional quality, style and comfort.
When coming to capture these garments and properly expose them as the high end products they are, it takes a high quality of photography. So when they found us at Ushoot they were quite pleased.

170 items to be shot, using our new ModelShoot service as well as our product photography, and all in three to four days.
The gauntlet was laid down and we bent to pick it up.

We quickly discovered the difficulties of shooting these garments. Brushed cotton and silk creased quickly and easily meaning constant re-ironing. Plus capturing the garments in a manner that really showed the quality of the materials and the tailoring created new hardships.

We persevered, and our obstinence in the face of impending frustration was rewarded with done.


Model Shoot

Numerous of our clients have asked whether we can do model shots.

And we are here to say yes, yes we can. The increasing in demand has made it clear to us the only right and good thing to do would be to open up a space for model shoots in our studio.

ModelShoot - Live 2

We really just couldn’t go on depriving people of this service.

The big fashion market place is moving inexorably towards leading with model shots supported by product imagery. However, this is hard for smaller companies to compete with.

So with our full package, combining model shots with our Styleshoot machines we have a photography studio that runs at a fraction of the costs in the fraction of the time.