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Chilly Weather: Hot Product Shots with Norse and Chilly Bottles

There are a number of ways to keep warm this winter, and we’ve recently had in two brands with their own unique takes on this…


The guys at Norse would have you grow a luxurious beard to warm your chin. They have the perfect products to help you turn from bum fluff turn into a beard buff.

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Macacha have a healthy product shoot at UShoot

Who are Macacha?

With a collective nutritional experience of over thirty years the guys from Macacha are doing everything they can to make nutrition easy.

There are a lot of answers out there, people telling you to eat this, to not do that. It becomes difficult, and increasingly expensive, to know what is actually beneficial for you.

Macacha provide a simple solution:

“Forget taking all your different supplements and potions (and spending time researching what’s best). No need for endless juicing (and the washing up). Just add MACACHA. Complex, meet simple.”

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Chilly Bottles

Chilly’s mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. 

“Products with the perfect balance of distinctive style and unrivalled performance.”

The idea for the Chilly’s Bottle was to launch a product that combines the convenience of a plastic water bottle, with the high performance technology and eco-friendly benefits of a traditional flask. 

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Lobster Home-wear come to Ushoot

Alec and the team from Lobster homewear were in the studio a few weeks back with their frankly brilliant intergrated apron and oven mits…


To be honest Dan got so excited when he saw the lobster aprons that we thought we may have to hospitalise him!
The Lobster concept is simple and brilliantly executed. Anyone who spends anytime in the kitchen is constantly frustrated and infuruiated by not having oven glove on hand at that vital moment. Or worse you had them a second ago but just when speed is off the essence the kitchen goblins have yet again hidden the mitts…

In an amazing arayu of designs, beautifully made we know that this brilliant product will be an instant success

Wishing all at Lobster the best of luck and see you all soon