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It’s all about the Kids

It’s all about the Kids

We get a lot of childrenswear clothes and brands in the studio. Jakss for example have been a long term client of ours for years, routinely sending in large batches of clothing. Sending in collections of high-end childrenswear from brands such as Versace.

Recently we have been inundated with some really awesome baby and kids wear. Here are just a few of the childrenswear brands we have had in:

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Emile et Rose

Emile et Rose was born in 2002, in the historic estuary town of Topsham, near Exeter in Devon and continues to flourish under the same family ownership.

In the beginning Emile et Rose, were apprehensive about using us. They had had so many bad experiences with photographers with so many varying results. However, that was three years ago now and we think it is safe to say they were happy with the results.

At Emile et Rose they aim to provide thoughtfully designed and complete outfits for babies, using soft comfortable fabrics that are also easy to care for.

We really love their stuff, combining traditional pastel blues and pinks, whilst staying on trend with great prints and accent colours. Using cotton-rich fabrics their clothes are soft and comfortable, stylish and completely practical; everything is machine washable.

They sent in their newest collection of clothing, gorgeous and adorable sets, simple in design, high quality garments that are a pleasure to shoot.


So Cosy – the softest wool blankets

As the name suggests So Cosy is about creating beautiful, luxurious, cosy wool products. It started out with blankets and they now have a range of products including throws, rugs, scarves and cushions.

They sent in a selection of blankets to be shot, and we can verify they are soft. Very soft, quite cuddly, we had to restrain ourselves from fondling them unnecessarily.

What makes these products so fabulous, so decadently luxuriously soft, is the wool. The blankets is has been said are ‘like being cuddled’. They use the finest Alpaca, merino and sheep wool.


So Cosy was so named in 2011 when Rimsky (a former fashion designer) and Vilija decided to quit their day jobs and concentrate wholly on their passion and create beautiful products, combining traditional and modern techniques and designs, to complement all interiors.

Why Alpaca?

The alpaca is a charming, gentle animal and its wool has some of the softest, most luxurious fibre found in nature. Alpacas live in a very harsh climate, where temperatures can fluctuate from minus 25 degrees at night to 25 degrees during the day. And so they have evolved this remarkable wool which is hardwearing, versatile and wonderfully soft.


Props to Anna & Louis

Anna & Louis is an online boutique for women and children, created and run by Isobel, who for many years worked in the fashion Industry. She spent a lot of time, day to day, searching for the perfect piece of cloth that reflects a bit of her personality for both herself and her children: smart, casual, simple, chic. Often her choices gained her a lot of compliments. However, she decided there was something missing, she wanted to spend more time working for herself and more time with her children. So, she created Anna & Louis.

Isobel is heavily influenced by her experience of the Spanish fashion marketplace and by Spanish style. She thus provides a boutique where she sources a number of great, interesting Spanish brands. With an online personal shopper section to her website she aims to provide a service to help you find clothes for any occasion or to create your individual look.

Isobel’s passion and dedication is inspiring and really shows. One thing that we found very interesting when she came in to do her shoot was her desire to use props in the product photography. This isn’t the first time we’ve had a client use props, the effect can be a simple but startlingly effective one. Here she used flowers, for example a foxglove, the white of the foxglove flower highlights the clean crisp white of the piece, whilst gently introducing the green of the stem which adds contrast lifting the image, and giving it a little more life.

Previous shoots like one we did a while ago with Quack Quack Moo, a babywear company, have also used props.

It brings the clothing to life, it gives movement and creates a dynamic element to the imagery which is refreshing when compared to the clean cut almost surgical product photography you normally come across.


Selvedge use WeShoot at Ushoot Studios

Selvedge recently sent in a number of really excellent items for us to shoot. Skirts, cushions, blankets. A range of products that display the variety of their textile based collections.

Selvedge is a magazine that acknowledges the breadth of the significance of textiles as a part of everyone’s story. There are many sides to every story and Selvedge is dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle life. All of us are inundated with textile sensation, from the moment we are taken and wrapped in our first blanket. It is a uniting aspect of all humanity and one that cannot be underrated.

It began as a small collection of textiles and designers. But has over the years grown into a haven of rarified textiles and esoteric treasures. Behind every item – whether a handmade candle or antique table linen is a story worth hearing.

The various nature of the items we needed to shoot for Selvedge was no problem with the machines. The versatility of the upright and horizontal together make what could otherwise have been a difficult and painful process quicker, and easier.


A busy bustling week

We have had plenty to do over the last week!

A veritable horde of Menswear and Childrenswear brands to shoot.
For the highly anticipated online launch of Styleworx they needed product photography fast, and we were the solution.

Styleworx is a menswear brand which focuses on sleek design, and well imagined practical style.

We powered through the shoot but there was no time to rest at the end.

This was followed by 250 pieces of really fantastic, high end childrenswear!

From brands like Moschino, Versace, Stone Island, and Moncler.


No small task then! So we enlisted the iron will of iron wielding Anya, doing work experience with us over the Summer holidays to help us make our way through the mounds of unpacking, ironing and shooting of such a vast number of childrenswear items.