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Chilly Weather: Hot Product Shots with Norse and Chilly Bottles

There are a number of ways to keep warm this winter, and we’ve recently had in two brands with their own unique takes on this…


The guys at Norse would have you grow a luxurious beard to warm your chin. They have the perfect products to help you turn from bum fluff turn into a beard buff.

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5 Inspirational Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s nearly Halloween, the holiday that we hate to admit that we love.

It’s time for spooky stories, weird decorations, and crazy costumes.

In the studio we love it when we get in some awesome costumes.

We get a number of really cool clothes in, from angelic tutus to swirling capes.


Travis design are one client who have come in over the years with a range of incredible costumes.

With everything from pirate outfits to unicorns, dragons and princesses, they have clothes to fit every child’s wildest dream.

We have even had a in a collection of cosplay costumes: Such as Xena the Warrior Princess outfits.

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Set up in 2014 by Dr Fei Wan Lee, who has over fifteen years experience in toxicology, focusing on skin research and botanical properties. Feisc draws inspiration from the very plants themselves with deep understanding of the plants chemistry, fragrance, composition and their protective and regenerative properties.

Phyto-cosmetology is the concept at the very centre of Feisc’s creations. And by harnessing potent botanical powers, and combining extracts to compliment one another allowing for optimal effectiveness, they have developed a wide range of products that work on every skin type.

Their products give you softer, smoother, more radiant and beautiful skin from head to toe. And they smell fantastic!

They have previously struggled with their product photography. A lot of thought has gone into their packaging, to reflect the research and though that has gone into the actual product and getting that to show in the photography is a challenge.

One major problem they faced with their product is reflective logo. One solution is to darken the whole image underexposing the product, but that doesn’t look good. The solution is careful set lighting and polishing the imagery in post-production afterwards, cleaning up reflection and sharpening edges.

Find their range of products on their website here


Looking Fantastic with The Healthy Skincare Company

A while back we shot their newest range of cosmetic products for the Healthy Skin Care Company!


The Healthy Skin Care Company produce a wide range of cosmetics for the Mesauda Milano, a brilliant, high quality, Italian company. From concealers, to lipsticks, to nail varnish.

This was an interesting shoot as the products display such a glorious range of colours, and it is incredible how well the machines were able to rise to the challenge and capture the vibrancy of those colours. Obviously most of what we shoot is fashion related but the versatility of the machines is amazing. This shoot really showcased that versatility.

The Healthy Skin Care Company have a wide range of products from, concealers to mascara.

This provided it’s own unique set of problems to shoot as each item required a slightly different method to get the best result. Along with this the clear plastics and glass sections on the products played all kinds of havoc with the lighting.

However, we were quick to overcome these issues when Carine, our in studio expert took control. Using both the horizontal machine and the vertical we got a range of different shots which we feel accurately reflect the wide range of cosmetic products The Healthy Skin Care Company produce.