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Client Snapshot – Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

Over the last 20 years Muddy Puddles has developed a range of products that are perfect for children.

Based on four principles, their clothes are designed for children to wear outdoors.

  1. Technical performance

This means their clothes have to reach their demanding standards. Waterproof, durable, breathable. They are clothes designed to be ready for anything.

  1. Bright, bold and fun

The clothes are designed unisex, and with kids in minds. Children should love wearing these clothes!

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9 Creative Product Photography Ideas

Why would you need Creative Product Photography?

The online market place is continually demanding innovation in the way products are being presented. This is being led by the big brands and fashion houses who have the resource to continually create creative product photography ideas: resulting in extraordinary, gripping imagery.

This is due to the advancement of technology, making it quicker and easier to shop online, meaning that in 2017, we have reached a time where people actually buy more online than they do in-store.

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Air and Grace

We received a selection of Air and Grace’s newest shoes.

Claire Burrows began Air and Grace only two years ago. The concept came from the fact, that like many women she was spending an extortionate amount of money on beautiful shoes that she never wore. Never wore because they hurt. There is only so much pain you are willing to go through before you simply have to give up on them.

Thus Air and Grace was born. Claire is a graduate from London College of Fashion with over 20 years in the industry, she saw the gap an obvious gap in the market place, and through a lot of hard work she has managed to fit into it. Her shoe give your feet bounce and your toes wiggle room. The Tender Loving Air® technology provides three layers of luxurious memory foam cushioning which is cleverly hidden, so you can enjoy the feel good factor without compromising on style.

Stunning shoes that love your feet, with none of that awkward orthopaedic clunkiness.


House of Bibs

House of Bibs


It’s always a pleasure to have Maria from House of Bibs in the studio to shoot her fantastic products.

She is quickly becoming a very capable photographer using our machines, capturing her beautiful products in a manner that really highlights their high quality, and well considered designs.

House of Bibs combines contemporary designs with timeless fabrics for both practicality and fashion. We were especially taken with her baby bandana bibs.

The horizontal machine is perfect for shooting the House of Bib’s products, the bibs and matching sets.


Tartan tastic at Ushoot Studios

The last few weeks have been a rather gloriously Scottish affair at Ushoot. For a number of days we have been enveloped in a magnificent amount of Tartan courtesy of the lovely people at Scotland Shop.img-studio-news

The ScotlandShop collection is inspired and influenced by the multitude of colour to be found in their Scottish tartans, steeped in history yet still a fundamental part of the fashion industry.

They are based in the beautiful Scottish Borders and were founded in 2002 by Anna White, offering an extensive and diverse array of all things Scottish offering truly international products and services in 5 languages.

We absolutely loved working on such interesting and beautifully made product and look forward to being enveloped in more tartan from Scotand Shop soon