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Client Snapshot – Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

Over the last 20 years Muddy Puddles has developed a range of products that are perfect for children.

Based on four principles, their clothes are designed for children to wear outdoors.

  1. Technical performance

This means their clothes have to reach their demanding standards. Waterproof, durable, breathable. They are clothes designed to be ready for anything.

  1. Bright, bold and fun

The clothes are designed unisex, and with kids in minds. Children should love wearing these clothes!

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Shooting Fur and Lace is a Doddle with UShoot

The difficulties of shooting fur and lace and then cutting out and post-producing it in Photoshop are legendary.

With fur (or hair) you have to cut and then feather the edges, which creates and effect like the reality. It is quite painstaking and time-consuming and the end result isn’t a completely accurate representation of the product.

With lace, well there are a few options, but no shortcuts. You have to carefully cut it out.

However, with our StyleShoot machines these problems are erased. The intelligent software incorporated in the machine identifies and cuts out the background on a pixel level.

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Mini-la-Mode: Oh Baby

Mini-la-Mode was founded by Fee Drummond whose career in fashion, design and handmade collections spans over a decade. While pregnant with her son and setting up her nursery, she noticed that high quality handmade baby clothes and bedding with nostalgia of traditional English style were not easy to find.

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Emile et Rose

Emile et Rose was born in 2002, in the historic estuary town of Topsham, near Exeter in Devon and continues to flourish under the same family ownership.

In the beginning Emile et Rose, were apprehensive about using us. They had had so many bad experiences with photographers with so many varying results. However, that was three years ago now and we think it is safe to say they were happy with the results.

At Emile et Rose they aim to provide thoughtfully designed and complete outfits for babies, using soft comfortable fabrics that are also easy to care for.

We really love their stuff, combining traditional pastel blues and pinks, whilst staying on trend with great prints and accent colours. Using cotton-rich fabrics their clothes are soft and comfortable, stylish and completely practical; everything is machine washable.

They sent in their newest collection of clothing, gorgeous and adorable sets, simple in design, high quality garments that are a pleasure to shoot.


Olivier Baby

Olivier Baby was set up in 2011 by Emma Davison, who was shortly after joined by her sister, Alice Smith. Emma is herself a passionate knitter and as a team they design and create all the samples themselves. These samples are then put through the most rigorous quality tests by their children.

They aim to reflect the fun and laughter of their own childhoods in their deigns, instilling a distinct sense of nostalgia in many of their designs. Their shapes and lines are classic, and paired with refreshing and comforting colours. Stylish traditional, timeless designs instilled with that element of fun that is so quintessential of childhood. Whether it’s a star on the elbows or a heart on the bottom there is a little something on each item to make you smile. Importantly, all their clothes are hard wearing, soft and comfortable. So the kids look great and feel great, nothing to stop them from having fun.

Find them at Olivier Baby


Tartan tastic at Ushoot Studios

The last few weeks have been a rather gloriously Scottish affair at Ushoot. For a number of days we have been enveloped in a magnificent amount of Tartan courtesy of the lovely people at Scotland Shop.img-studio-news

The ScotlandShop collection is inspired and influenced by the multitude of colour to be found in their Scottish tartans, steeped in history yet still a fundamental part of the fashion industry.

They are based in the beautiful Scottish Borders and were founded in 2002 by Anna White, offering an extensive and diverse array of all things Scottish offering truly international products and services in 5 languages.

We absolutely loved working on such interesting and beautifully made product and look forward to being enveloped in more tartan from Scotand Shop soon


Popband bring Hair ties and Christmas to Ushoot

Early last week we had the guys from Pop Band in using the studio and specifically the Horizontal Styleshoot machine in a way never seen before! When we are asked “can you shoot people” generally we will say not really – the machines tend to try and cut the eyes out. However Tony and the girls proved us wrong getting some amazing model shots by lying absolutely still on the machine. At one point we had three girls draped on our Horizontal!!


Popbands are deliciously soft, stretchy ‘no crease’ hair bands that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down!  Really great product. Hairbands that dont pull the hair out. But not only this they brought into the studio a whole new approach to our styleshoots machines


All of a sudden it was Christmas morning and presents by the dozen had been wrapped and distributed liberally over the Styleshoots Horizontal. The girls did an incredible job of staying still. In one shot so still (whilst eating a huge chocolate coin) i thought she’d died on us!

Thankyou Pop Band… And see you again soon…