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Client Snapshot – Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

Over the last 20 years Muddy Puddles has developed a range of products that are perfect for children.

Based on four principles, their clothes are designed for children to wear outdoors.

  1. Technical performance

This means their clothes have to reach their demanding standards. Waterproof, durable, breathable. They are clothes designed to be ready for anything.

  1. Bright, bold and fun

The clothes are designed unisex, and with kids in minds. Children should love wearing these clothes!

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HBB use the whole UShoot Studio

The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag is about bags for everybody for every occasion.

Designed with their unique patented teardrop shape their bags are unique in style, and function.

The bags combine comfort, practicality, and fashion all in one. No easy task.

The single-strap and teardrop shape are designed to spread weight down your spine making heavy loads feel lighter and making it good for your back, thus the name.

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How Sands & Hall had a Great Model Shoot with UShoot Studios

Model Shoot

The big fashion market place is moving inexorably towards leading with model shots supported by product imagery. However, this is hard for smaller companies to compete with.

So with our full package, combining model shots with our Styleshoot machines we have a photography studio that can produce high quality model shots as well as simple product shots all in the same place, making the process of getting your photography much more efficient.

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The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag is all about bags for everybody for very occasion. They have been using Ushoot since day one.

Designed with their unique patented teardrop shape the bags are like no other. The idea behind the bag is to combine perfectly ideas of comfort, practicality and function all in a stylish designer bag. No easy task.

The bags shape is what really sets it apart, the cross body single-strap bag spreads weight down your spine making heavy loads feel lighter and making it good for your back. This isn’t what we really love about them though. The shape is intriguing but it’s their designs that really supply the wow factor.

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Rhino make some of the finest clothing for all sports, including rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, netball, basketball and volleyball. Whether you play the cold and rain or the heat and sun, their clothing is high quality, high clothing that works in tandem with your body.

We’ve been shooting Rhino gear for a while now. The obvious quality of the materials and make, makes it easy to shoot.

What they needed was a simple, cost efficient solution to getting their products shot. Ushoot Studio then seems like a no brainer.

Rhino is currently the official supplier to England Rugby, The Welsh Rugby Union, Bath, London Wasps, Cardiff Blues, St Helens Rugby League and The British & Irish Lions.

We look forward to the next batch they send in.


ID Peters return to UShoot Studios

Designed in London, Inspired by Africa.

ID Peters is heavily inspired by the vast and vibrant fabrics and colours of African art, and the diverse traditions and rich culture. They present a contemporary interpretation of African art, both ancient and modern.

Following on from her modelshoot, a month or so ago, ID returned to Ushoot with a new selection of her bags for a product shoot!

The combination of ID’s influences, from traditional African styles, patterns, and colours, along with her love of London fashion and design, lends her range of products a wonderful originality.

A bit more About ID Peters

ID grew up in Africa, and unsurprisingly, became enamoured by the vibrant art and culture that surrounded her. From an early age she was sewing and experimenting with African art, fabrics, clothes and textiles. And she went on to make bridal wear.

In 2003 ID migrated to London, and her passion for fashion was reignited, and she saw an unexplored niche, where she could bring together her love of London with her African heritage.

After several years of study in business and fashion she set up ID Peters in 2007 and embarked on a journey to build a brand that brought together contemporary London and the vibrancy of African art.


Marlow London’s Luxury Accessories

One of the best things about working in a photography studio is to see all the fantastic brands and products that come through and to meet the people behind them. This week was no different.

Chloe began designing her ‘This Bag’ collection whilst in her final year of University and so Marlow London was born in 2016. With experience working such brands as Burberry, Alice Temple and Chloe knew exactly where she wanted her rand to sit in the maretplace.

She came into the studio on Monday to shoot of selection of her accessories, bags and scarves. Her bags combine conceptual art with high end luxury fashion, the idea is to challenge consumer’s perception of luxury.

She used both machines and got on really well with them flying through the shoot. And noting how it cut out the frills on her scarves with an element of wonder and relief that she wouldn’t have to do that herself in photoshop. Most of all, having full control over the shoot and post-production is, for a young brand that’s still establishing itself, immensely useful, allowing them to control the quality and styling of the imagery so that it is appropriate for the brands future. In addition, using our UShoot service, it works out much cheaper and much quicker than traditional photography, because you can walk out with your images that same day.


Selvedge use WeShoot at Ushoot Studios

Selvedge recently sent in a number of really excellent items for us to shoot. Skirts, cushions, blankets. A range of products that display the variety of their textile based collections.

Selvedge is a magazine that acknowledges the breadth of the significance of textiles as a part of everyone’s story. There are many sides to every story and Selvedge is dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle life. All of us are inundated with textile sensation, from the moment we are taken and wrapped in our first blanket. It is a uniting aspect of all humanity and one that cannot be underrated.

It began as a small collection of textiles and designers. But has over the years grown into a haven of rarified textiles and esoteric treasures. Behind every item – whether a handmade candle or antique table linen is a story worth hearing.

The various nature of the items we needed to shoot for Selvedge was no problem with the machines. The versatility of the upright and horizontal together make what could otherwise have been a difficult and painful process quicker, and easier.


Tartan tastic at Ushoot Studios

The last few weeks have been a rather gloriously Scottish affair at Ushoot. For a number of days we have been enveloped in a magnificent amount of Tartan courtesy of the lovely people at Scotland Shop.img-studio-news

The ScotlandShop collection is inspired and influenced by the multitude of colour to be found in their Scottish tartans, steeped in history yet still a fundamental part of the fashion industry.

They are based in the beautiful Scottish Borders and were founded in 2002 by Anna White, offering an extensive and diverse array of all things Scottish offering truly international products and services in 5 languages.

We absolutely loved working on such interesting and beautifully made product and look forward to being enveloped in more tartan from Scotand Shop soon


Fabric Gateaux come to Ushoot Studios

Last week was a week of colour in the studio. We had the lovely Karina from Fabric Gateaux and some wonderfully vibrant pieces came with her

Orange wrist wrap_Front_2048 x 2048_TO SEND

We are often asked about colour and how well the machines produce true to life colour. I suppose the best answer for this is that we virtually never have to colour correct to that extent although nothing is ever perfect, Styleshoots have come pretty close