Air and Grace

We received a selection of Air and Grace’s newest shoes.

Claire Burrows began Air and Grace only two years ago. The concept came from the fact, that like many women she was spending an extortionate amount of money on beautiful shoes that she never wore. Never wore because they hurt. There is only so much pain you are willing to go through before you simply have to give up on them.

Thus Air and Grace was born. Claire is a graduate from London College of Fashion with over 20 years in the industry, she saw the gap an obvious gap in the market place, and through a lot of hard work she has managed to fit into it. Her shoe give your feet bounce and your toes wiggle room. The Tender Loving Air® technology provides three layers of luxurious memory foam cushioning which is cleverly hidden, so you can enjoy the feel good factor without compromising on style.

Stunning shoes that love your feet, with none of that awkward orthopaedic clunkiness.



Selvedge has been using our services for a while now, and we really love receiving products from them. Their products range from dolls, to gorgeous scarves and throws. It is really nice to have customers like Selvedge, the products are amazing, and by working closely with them, we are able to give them exactly what they want.

There are many sides to every story and Selvedge is dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle life. All of us are inundated with textile sensation, from the moment we are taken and wrapped in our first blanket. It is a uniting aspect of all humanity and one that cannot be underrated.

It began as a small collection of textiles and designers. But has over the years grown into a haven of rarified textiles and esoteric treasures. Behind every item – whether a handmade candle or antique table linen is a story worth hearing.

The various nature of the items we needed to shoot for Selvedge was no problem with the machines. The versatility of the upright and horizontal together make what could otherwise have been a difficult and painful process quicker, and easier.


Royal Academy

The Royal Academy have been using our services for a while now. They need product shots for online store. Their shop has a range of giftware; jewellery, scarves, calendars and more. They also have a range of art catalogues and prints that need digitising. However, this poses a unique problem. Getting a high enough quality image of these can be difficult. Whilst the product itself is simple, the prints, can be large, the catalogues awkward.

The Royal Academy of Arts has a unique position in being an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.

They have an extensive range of high-quality products from top designers and Royal Academicians. Often, but not exclusively inspired by the Royal Academy’s exhibitions, these items have been specially selected by the award-winning RA Merchandise team.

It is important that the digital representation resembles the actuality as closely as possible, meaning the image quality has to be very good.

The range of product, the required styling, along with adjusting lighting, and followed by extensive post-production would make this process long, and expensive with a traditional photography studio.

However, our machines can do it all. Our flatbed machine is especially excellent at digitising prints and fine artwork. At 111″ long and 85″ wide it is big enough to shoot all but the largest pieces, rendering a perfect cut out PNG every time in under 1 minute. Easy, time and cost efficient.


Sixteen47 return to Ushoot Studios

Sixteen47 recently came to us for a solution for their product photography, and we were more than happy to be able to help.

A couple of weeks ago they sent in the first batch of womenswear for us to shoot. Using the new mannequin, we did so, quickly and efficiently. They were obviously pleased with the results as we quickly received the next load that needed shooting.

Sixteen47 is the clothing brand set up by Helen Teague and Dawn French. Their clothes effortlessly combine style with quality. Read More about Sixteen47

The clothes themselves are beautifully ad thoughtfully designed. And designed with plus sized women in mind, the fit is flattering rather than it simply being a large copy made for smaller women.
For those who need and want stylish and interesting clothes that fit and work for both their personal and work life, this extended size range, is perfect. It can be demoralising clothes shopping especially online where you can’t try things on, but with Sixteen47 the results are always simple great clothes.

You can find Sixteen47 at 69 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1

Find out more, and check out their clothing range here



Rhino make some of the finest clothing for all sports, including rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, netball, basketball and volleyball. Whether you play the cold and rain or the heat and sun, their clothing is high quality, high clothing that works in tandem with your body.

We’ve been shooting Rhino gear for a while now. The obvious quality of the materials and make, makes it easy to shoot.

What they needed was a simple, cost efficient solution to getting their products shot. Ushoot Studio then seems like a no brainer.

Rhino is currently the official supplier to England Rugby, The Welsh Rugby Union, Bath, London Wasps, Cardiff Blues, St Helens Rugby League and The British & Irish Lions.

We look forward to the next batch they send in.


So Cosy – the softest wool blankets

As the name suggests So Cosy is about creating beautiful, luxurious, cosy wool products. It started out with blankets and they now have a range of products including throws, rugs, scarves and cushions.

They sent in a selection of blankets to be shot, and we can verify they are soft. Very soft, quite cuddly, we had to restrain ourselves from fondling them unnecessarily.

What makes these products so fabulous, so decadently luxuriously soft, is the wool. The blankets is has been said are ‘like being cuddled’. They use the finest Alpaca, merino and sheep wool.


So Cosy was so named in 2011 when Rimsky (a former fashion designer) and Vilija decided to quit their day jobs and concentrate wholly on their passion and create beautiful products, combining traditional and modern techniques and designs, to complement all interiors.

Why Alpaca?

The alpaca is a charming, gentle animal and its wool has some of the softest, most luxurious fibre found in nature. Alpacas live in a very harsh climate, where temperatures can fluctuate from minus 25 degrees at night to 25 degrees during the day. And so they have evolved this remarkable wool which is hardwearing, versatile and wonderfully soft.


Angel’s Face – tutu cute

Angel’s Face was founded in 2007 by Keely Deininger. Keely comes from a design background and has worked in the industry for many years for brands such as H&M and Topshop. However, she really wanted to start her own business, to have autonomy and complete design freedom. Angel’s Face allowed her to do this, whilst watching her kids grow up.

This isn’t the first time we’ve shot Angel’s Face. The tutus are frilly and lacy which when it comes to product photography causes a whole range of problems. Removing backgrounds from this kind of product is, using traditional methods, immensely time consuming and difficult.

However, our Styleshoot machines automatically remove the background, meaning its easier to shoot, and has a quicker turn-around time. Meaning it’s cheaper and you get your images quicker.

A Bit More About Angel’s Face

Angel’s Face success began with the tutu – a super-soft, high-quality product which is wonderfully full of frilly nylon-chiffon layers. These beautiful skirts each come delivered in their own vintage-inspired striped hat box to make the garment a truly magical gift.

With an ever expanding collection of products, Angel’s Face has become a one-stop children’s fashion destination for all your party-wear needs! From knitwear and party shoes to hats and hoodies, the brand embodies a unique mix of fun and elegance which has made the brand popular the world-over.


ID Peters return to UShoot Studios

Designed in London, Inspired by Africa.

ID Peters is heavily inspired by the vast and vibrant fabrics and colours of African art, and the diverse traditions and rich culture. They present a contemporary interpretation of African art, both ancient and modern.

Following on from her modelshoot, a month or so ago, ID returned to Ushoot with a new selection of her bags for a product shoot!

The combination of ID’s influences, from traditional African styles, patterns, and colours, along with her love of London fashion and design, lends her range of products a wonderful originality.

A bit more About ID Peters

ID grew up in Africa, and unsurprisingly, became enamoured by the vibrant art and culture that surrounded her. From an early age she was sewing and experimenting with African art, fabrics, clothes and textiles. And she went on to make bridal wear.

In 2003 ID migrated to London, and her passion for fashion was reignited, and she saw an unexplored niche, where she could bring together her love of London with her African heritage.

After several years of study in business and fashion she set up ID Peters in 2007 and embarked on a journey to build a brand that brought together contemporary London and the vibrancy of African art.


Love Brand & Co. return for another Ushoot Session

It was an absolute delight to see Oliver from Love Brand &  Co. again.

He came in with a selection of new clothes that he needed product shots of at very short notice. We managed to squeeze him into a slot just in time. The reason he needed the images so quickly was he was jetting off to Costa Rica with these very same items to do their new lifestyle shoot on stunning sandy shores. We must admit we were somewhat jealous…

Love Brand & Co was founded by Oliver and Rose.

It was Oliver’s entrepreneurial spirit and design background and Rose’s heritage and knowledge of the Tropics, that led them to start a new swimwear label. Their Ethos was primarily to help save elephants from extinction in the wild. A concept they coined ‘Trunks for Trunks’. This was them expanded to include a variety of other charities that help endangered species.

The actual clothing encompasses with effortless ease the colours and spirit of summer. The beautiful clothing, with fun bright design, combined with their wonderful ethos are what make this a brand to love.

Love Brand & Co. is committed to helping elephants and other endangered species in the wild. which is why they donate 5% of all their revenue to charity.

Find out More



With a new range of clothes from designer Kaminee Buttani, the Kaneska label continues to appeal to the tastes of discerning women from all walks of life. Matching style and affordability, all designs are either personally designed or handpicked by designer Kaminee.

With a truly exquisite range of clothing from kaftans, to stylish, elegant evening wear ad a wide range of warps, Kaneshka has a reputation for providing sumptuous and creative collections.

This season was no different. Luxurious and colourful designs made from high quality fabrics. We whizzed through their shoot all on mannequin.

All products are handmade and are available at their flagship store in Richmond upon Thames!

2 Union Court (First Floor, above Cards Galore), Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AD

Find out more about Kaneshka, their ethos style and see what they have on offer HERE