5 Inspirational Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s nearly Halloween, the holiday that we hate to admit that we love.

It’s time for spooky stories, weird decorations, and crazy costumes.

In the studio we love it when we get in some awesome costumes.

We get a number of really cool clothes in, from angelic tutus to swirling capes.


Travis design are one client who have come in over the years with a range of incredible costumes.

With everything from pirate outfits to unicorns, dragons and princesses, they have clothes to fit every child’s wildest dream.

We have even had a in a collection of cosplay costumes: Such as Xena the Warrior Princess outfits.


From Costumes to Make-up

Our studio stylist Hannah has recently been doing some really cool make-up. With gruesome and gory effect. She would be the perfect friend to help you with your Halloween make-up.

Read the full interview about what it’s like to be a make-up artist


Struggling to work out what you want to wear for Halloween?

Here are 5 inspirational Ideas:

#1. The Vampire.

This is a pretty traditional idea, but with a modern resurgence in popularity the vampire can be anything from a caped Transylvanian with a bow tie, to a super powered high schooler with identity issues.

#2. The Undead.

The undead take many forms, and in those forms roam the world on all hallows eve. Think zombie, a walking grotesquery with rotting flesh and an appetite for brains. Or perhaps a skeleton, raised from the grave to fulfil it’s masters wish. Or a ghost, unable to move on to the next life until it’s purpose is complete.

#3. A Superhero/ Super-villain.

Move away from the delightfully evil and into the realms of comic books. Choose your favourite character, the question is, will you be good? Or bad?

#4. Your favourite film, T.V. or book character.

Get the aviator glasses out and go as Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Or perhaps you fancy yourself as a Napolean Dynamite? Pick your favourite character and learn a few of their annoying catch phrases. We expect you to stay in character though.

#5. Your favourite sports personality.

It’s not very halloweeny, but I suppose you could always go as Zombie David Beckham, or Vampire Serena Williams…


#6. Team up with your other half and go as your favourite food. Be bacon and Eggs, or peanut butter and jam…